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What you need for your Epic Red Dragon

Charge up your Dragon!

Quick Charge Current: 3A Simultaneous

Discharge Current: Up to 2A per channel

Size: 9.1” x 3.35” x 12.17”

Weight: 5 lbs.

Input Voltage: 90-240VAC 50/60Hz

Amount Available: 4 plus...

Product Description

The Fleet Micro Q and Fleet Q “i” series of chargers continue to be the most advanced in the industry, now with the inclusion of the Voltbridge Wireless Charger Fleet management. The chargers offer a complete battery management system for your battery “Fleet.” Besides being the fastest battery chargers in the industry today (four 98wh packs in under 2 1/2hrs.), the chargers offers a TEST mode to determine battery health and recharge performance.

With the inclusion of a micro USB on the rear of the unit, that data can then be viewed and managed with a PC application. The micro USB doubles as an input for future free firmware upgrades(downloadable via the web).

In addition to battery management, the Fleet Intelligent Charger Series includes a SafeFly mode. With one touch of the onboard membrane button console or via the Voltbridge App, the chargers will either charge the connected packs to up to 30% or discharge to under 30%, depending on the state of charge of those connected. The one-touch operation allows you to quickly prepare all packs for air travel or shipment. This feature can also be applied to a single connected pack.

The Fleet intelligent series is also the most cross-compatible, able to address not only CoreSWX battery packs but those offered by RED, Anton/Bauer, and many more. With this additional charge compatibility, it provides piece of mind that whether you’re on location with multiple crews, charging legacy packs, or your rental Fleet, this Fleet series has you covered. Once the battery pack is connected, the Fleet Intelligent Series chargers first determines the packs’ chemistry and then make and model to properly charge the pack to optimal capacity. The chargers can simultaneously and automatically do this for up to the 4 packs connected via a microprocessor driven circuit design.

The series includes a 90w DC 4-pin XLR power supply to power most cameras. In addition to the on-board power supply, the charger doubles as a battery bank when in “Hypercine” power supply mode(unregulated 12v-16.8v DC). The charger parallels all the on-board battery packs to provide continuous power, and the charger’s LCD reports back available capacity as well as remaining runtime. With the optional “Hypercine module,” the charger provides both unregulated 12v-16.8v 4-pin XLR, as well as 28v regulated 3-pin XLR DC outputs.


Power Up your Dragon!
  • 150Wh Lithium-Ion V-Mount Battery
  • Supports Up to 10A Draw
  • 1000 Charge / Discharge Cycles
  • 6 Hour Run-Time at 25W
  • Built-In Safety Sensors
  • Backlit LCD and 4-LED Power Gauge
  • Time, Grid, % Run-Time/Capacity Displays
  • Refreshes LCD Every 5 Seconds
  • P-Tap and USB Port
  • Non-Slip, Rubberized Housing


Product Description

The Core SWX HyperCore 150 14.8V V-Mount Battery is a 150Wh lithium-ion battery featuring high density cells designed to handle high power draws. Supporting more amperage per cell, the cells can withstand up to a 10A draw for extended periods without diminishing service life. Overall service life is rated at 1000 charge/discharge cycles. Run-time is projected at 6 hours at 25W. Safety sensors are built in that detect over/under voltage, over/under current, and above-normal temperature.

A Intellicom backlit LCD and a 4-LED gauge provide operating run-time in hours and minutes, remaining capacity as a bar grid and percentage, and remaining charge time. An on-board fuel computer samples capacity and charge or discharge load and recomputes and refreshes the LCD display every five seconds. The HyperCore 150 works with all Core SWX chargers and dictates the best possible charge routine with regard to maximum life. It's best used with Core SWX XC-2LS and XC-2LA chargers as they'll provide faster charge times.

A PowerTap port and USB port are available on the side for powering accessories and charging various devices. The outer jacket is made of comfortable-to-hold, non-slip rubber.

Key Features

  • 150Wh lithium-ion V-Mount battery
  • High density cells supporting up to a 10A draw for extended periods
  • Rated at 1000 charge/discharge cycles
  • Run-time projected at 6 hours at 25W
  • Built in safety sensors
  • Intellicom backlit LCD and 4-LED power gauge
  • Displays run-time in hours and minutes, capacity as a grid and %, and remaining charge time
  • On-board fuel computer refreshes the LCD display every five seconds
  • Dictates the best charge routine possible to the charger
  • Compatible with all Core SWX chargers
  • PowerTap port and USB port
  • Non-slip, rubberized housing
  • Core SWX 150 Specs

Mount / Series Type




Capacity (Wh)

150 Wh

Output Voltage

14.8 VDC

Maximum Load

10 A

Accessory Port

1 x D-Tap
1 x USB

Dimensions (W x H x D)

3.8 x 5.9 x 2.4" / 97.0 x 150.0 x 60.0 mm


2.4 lb / 1.1 kg

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